Our social recreation programs make sure no one is left out.
True Experience and our clients are beyond grateful to the United Way of Haldimand-Norfolk for their ongoing support of our social recreation Club TRUE. With the funds provided from United Way, our clients are able to participate in activities, they otherwise, would never be able to. From out of town outings, to quaint small gatherings, our social recreation programs make sure no one is left out.

True Experience recognizes that a work-life balance is a vital component to everyone’s health and wellbeing. As part of our holistic approach to support individuals living with mental illness, we offer a variety of supervised social recreational programs.

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A significant amount of data exists describing the connection between mental health and socialization. A Japanese study conducted in 2011 revealed a definite correlation between the degree of face to face contact time and the increase in positive mental health. The results suggest that individuals who experience large quantities of social interaction tend to have less stress, improved moods and overall better mental health.


PROVIDES AN ALTERNATIVE WAY OF COMPREHENDING: Frequently those who are struggling with mental illness often don’t understand why they feel the way they do. When situations are presented with a different view point, and in a way that better empathizes, the individual feels less alone and more understood.

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Many people living with mental illness will agree that relationships often suffer when their own mental health is not well. Relationships with family members, significant others, co-workers and friends can often be negatively impacted when someone is ill. Individuals who include social activities in their lifestyle, learn to trust and communicate more effectively, which plays a direct role in their relationships with others.

BETTER SELF-ESTEEM: Low self-esteem can be difficult for anyone but adding a mental illness into the mix, can have adverse effects on all aspects of our lives. However, having some sort of recreation therapy can be incredibly useful in assisting individuals gain back their confidence.

ANXIETY AND STRESS WILL DECREASE: - It goes without saying that stress and anxiety are particularly difficult for those living with a mental illness. Socialization plays a huge part in the management of everyday life. Recreational activities can greatly reduce anxiety and depression.
For more information on our Social Recreation Program, please contact:
Rhonda Geyer
Executive Director
or call 905-774-6165 ext. 202