A client centered program which began in 1981.
True Experience prides itself on our client centered program model for supportive housing. Since 1981, we have been providing affordable housing, life skills training, financial, and budget management, all in a safe and inclusive environment to individuals living with mental illness.

At True Experience we offer two different housing models to ensure everyone receives the amount of supports they need to live their best lives.
Individuals 17-65 years of age, living with a diagnosed mental illness.
Both Opportunity House and Trillium Manor are home to 7 individuals each, in shared accommodation rooms and provide a safe, secure and home like environment. Staff are on site 7 days a week to provide supports. Residents must be medication compliant and living a sober lifestyle. Referrals can come from Mental Health Agencies, Primary Physicians, Family Members, and Hospitals, in addition to self-referrals.

Opportunity House and Trillium Manor
Medium staff supported accommodations
Vital life skills and educational training
Advocacy in developing wellness strategies, medication compliance, healthy choices
Motivation for social recreation and participation in our community work program
For more information on our Supportive Housing Homes, please contact:
Linda Schouwstra
Housing Coordinator
or call 289-684-9408

Individuals 17+ who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or who live with a mental illness.
True Experience owns three homes in the Elizabeth Crescent Survey. Each home accommodates three individuals, with each person having their own bedroom. The occupants share the remainder of the home. Our Co-Living Program is the step between Supportive Housing and Independent Living. Occupants must be dedicated to sober living, have no history of violence or a serious criminal record and must be medication compliant. Referrals can be made from Mental Health Agencies, Primary Physicians, Family Members, Hospitals or self-referred.

Elizabeth Crescent Homes (3)
Low support accommodations
Dedication to sober living
Life skills and accountability for socialization, personal choices and finances
Affordable, fully furnished, all-inclusive shared homes (3 individuals share each home)
Peer involvement and supports
For more information on our Co-Living Homes, please contact:
Dave Sherk
Residential/Community Support Worker
or Call (905)774-6165
Sharon Arnold
Program/Administrative Coordinator
or Call (905)774-6165