About Us
What we're all about.
True Experience is a non-profit registered charitable organization that supports adults living with mental illness. We support people holistically with a three tier approach that includes supportive housing, a community work program and social recreation.
Adults living with a diagnosed mental illness.
True Experience primarily serve clients from within the Haldimand-Norfolk geographical area. Both our supportive housing and community work program are available to adults with a diagnosis of a chronic mental illness.
True Experience prides itself on being a true community based organization. We are thrilled to be an active participant in Haldimand County, particularly Dunnville. True Experience supports and engages annually, in the Mental Health and Wellness Expo, United Way Car Wash & BBQ, World Suicide Prevention Day Walk, The Dunnville Grand Tour, Tim Horton’s Smiles Cookie Campaign and numerous additional activities and events that make Dunnville such a great place to live!
True Experience Supportive Housing and Community Work Program is funded in part by Ontario Health
Canadian Choice Award Winner
In 2017 True Experience was honoured with the prestigious, “Caring Haldimand” award. This award is presented to a non-profit, community organization that has organized or implemented an event of activity supporting health/social/community services that would directly or indirectly, benefit the residents of Haldimand County.

True Experience was recognized for the following three initiatives:

Ride Don’t Hide
White Board Campaign

In 2018, True Experience was awarded the “Business Excellence Award” for outstanding achievements in leadership and organizational excellence for a registered, non-profit organization.